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Intended Itinerary

This is my itinerary, which is very loose and will most likely be amended 1000 times. I fly from LAX non-stop to Tokyo, on JAL, where I will then connect to Shanghai. I plan on staying in Shanghai from 10/22 to 10/29. I will then take the train to Beijing. From Bejing, I mght then go to Suzhou/Tongli, and then Hangzhou. My last week-end will be back in Shanghai, since I return to the USA 11/10. Short trip for such a large country. But I already have people to meet: A gal I met on Lonely Planet’s Thorntree Travel Forum from Sydney Australia. She will be meeting her Tour in Beijing on 11/2 and will be arriving 10/31, and wanted someone to sightsee with. And a friend of my brother’s will be in Hangzhou with his wife on 11/6. He will be moving to China and is very familair with the language and customs.It’s always nice to have some company on the road. But I am the “chatty type” and invariably meet new travel friends along the way.

Stay tuned.