Packing Light For The Casual Traveler………Be Liberated From HEAVY BAGGAGE!

Have you ever dragged a heavy suitcase half way around the world to find out that 75% of what you packed never got worn? Has it slowed you down trying to catch trains, go up 3 flights of narrow stairs, and did you almost rip your shoulder off hauling around city streets? NEVER AGAIN!!

I have been a vicitm of “over-packing-itis”, a very bad disease, but a cureable one. I have found these methods, tested over time, to be useful and liberating. All you really need is a 21″ wheelie-bag, which is enough for 3 weeks with even room for souvenirs.

1. Portable washing machine. Everyone needs one, right? Take a large ziploc bag, fill with items, add water, detergent and close up. Shake around, let soak and Voila! Clean clothes.

2. Items of clothing can go from day to night: Example: black leggings/jeans, long tan T-shirt and hiking boots will suffice for the day time. Substitute dressier black shoes for hiking boots, scarf and necklace and you are all set for a nice, casual evening out.

3. Think accessories: A shawl can be a light blanket on a train ride, screen from the sun on a beach, wrap for the nighttime or a cover on the grass to have an impromptu picnic on.

4. Ziploc bags, in small sizes, are great for travel. Lightwieght and keep you organized. Pack with vitamins, powdered detergent, jewelry, snacks.

5. Have any clothing or shoes you may want to donate? Not shabby, but you’re just bored with wearing them? Pack a few (t-shirts, sneakers, jeans) and give them away after a few days of use. You will then have room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Traveling is agreat time to go clothes shopping for unusual items.

6. HATS: I can’t say this enough, these are lifesavers. Baseball cap, beret, cloche, scarf, anything that can cover your hair and pull together an outfit. Nothing is worse than seeing a photo of yourself on your trip having a really “bad hair day”. Add sunglasses and you may have the Paparazzi following you at every step.


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